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Sep 17 2020


8 h 45 min - 10 h 00 min

Presentation meeting of the European Consortium EUROMEDIACAST

EUROMEDIACAST invites you to its presentation event.
The event aims to describe and present the challenges, objectives and next steps of this Consortium for research and innovation with key players in the audiovisual field.

In search of partners involved in the media and audiovisual sector, EUROMEDIACAST is a group of European players wishing to revolutionize the telecommunications ecosystem. Its mission is to offer unique offers in terms of content and infrastructure in Europe.

The event will also be an opportunity to exchange directly on the possibilities of participating in the work of the Consortium and to formalize partnerships.
It allows to meet the representatives of the company at SCREEN, leader of EUROMEDIACAST, as well as ZENON7 Public Affairs, coordinator of the Consortium.

The European consortium project EUROMEDIACAST has been selected and acclaimed by the Public Investment Bank (BPI France) in the framework of aid for technological partnerships towards the next Horizon 2020 calls.

Research centers, competitiveness clusters, universities, companies and startups in the audiovisual field… Register to participate in the event!

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